Andy Glover

About RainSaver

RainSaver Eco-Active Lawn Care, Inc. was founded by Andy Glover in 2005, following three years working as Supervisor for a nationally franchised lawn-care company. Andy felt that the residents of the Cowichan Valley could be much better served by a locally owned business that could make immediate and independent decisions beneficial to each individual client "on the spot" rather than via a remote franchise office. It also meant that products could be specifically formulated to suit the soil types and weather conditions found in the Cowichan Valley rather than generic formulations.

As new and improved Eco-Friendly products become available they are tested thoroughly by

RainSaver Staff and if deemed beneficial are put into place immediately. Our policy is that...

RainSaver products are purchased solely on quality and not on price.


Andy Glover was raised in a farming community in South Wales, U.K. Andy has been involved in both agriculture and horticulture for much of his working and business life. Prior to immigrating to Canada, Andy attended agricultural colleges in both England and Wales, attaining the Advanced National Certificate in Agriculture at the "Credit" level. Upon receiving a lawn-care request, Andy personally conducts the initial lawn inspection. His extensive experience of Cowichan Valley soil types and their challenges is invaluable in determining the most cost-effective Program that will produce a healthy and enjoyable lawn!


What Our Clients Say...


"The Grounds Department of Shawnigan Lake School all agree that RainSaver has made great improvements to our lawns on Campus. Safe and trusted since 2006, we are happy to refer them to any other future customers!"

Ed De Melo, Grounds Manager, Shawnigan Lake School.


"I have used RainSaver services for over three years, and my lawn is looking great. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone."

Barry S, Duncan, B.C.




 "Hi Andy, I just wanted to share a before and after picture of our house in Cobble Hill. We are extremely happy with the results as you can imagine the before picture is quite an eyesore compared to the end result just taken today!"
Thank you, Thank you! Cory and Derrylyn Allen.



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