Reasons your lawn may contain moss

Poor growing conditions favour the growth of moss in lawns.

These might include:

  • Sparse grass cover
  • Your lawn is low in nutritients and requires a professional fertilizing program
  • Shady areas, especially beneath trees
  • Compacted soil
  • Wet weather and waterlogged conditions
  • Drought-stressed grass
  • Mowing too close and not changing mowing direction
  • Impoverished lawns or infertile soil
  • Poorly prepared or poorly maintained lawns
  • Acidic soil conditions


RainSaver moss control remedies


We offer a complete moss control service in conjunction with our Platinum Program!

  • Small areas of moss may be removed with a spring rake, however, larger areas will benefit from dethatching. It is recommended that the dethatching operation is carried out by experienced technicians. If dethatching equipment is used incorrectly it may well result in an irreparably damaged lawn.
  • RainSaver technicians utilize specialized equipment and professional grade product to treat affected areas in moss infested lawns efficiently*

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*This operation is completed in early Spring.

Lawn iwith moss problem
Moss lawn being dethatched
Moss removed from lawn


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