To best take advantage of your RainSaver Lawn Care program, please be sure to follow these recommendations:


RainSaver Watering Advice

A dry thirsty lawn during the long summer months can go dormant and turn brown which often leads to long-term damage.

It is very important to water your lawn efficiently, resulting in a healthy turf-grass and potentially lowering municipal water bills!


How much and How Often?

Recommendation for a clay based lawn is 1" of water every 3-5 days

Recommendation for a sand based lawn is 1" of water every 3 days

(This may vary according to temperature and rainfall fluctuation)

Always try to water your lawn as early as possible in the morning; allowing your grass to dry thoroughly before evening helps to avoid disease problems.


How do I calculate 1" of water?

Place a container randomly in range of your sprinklers, and make a note of the time taken to accumulate 1" of water... easy to do!


RainSaver Mowing Advice

Recommended Mowing Height is 2-2.5". To prevent browning and lawn-shock avoid removing more than one-third of the leaf blade during each mowing. Always ensure your mower blade is sharp to avoid brown-tipping which can lead to disease entering the turf-grass.


Mulching, rather than bagging, is preferable as clippings will return organic matter, nutrients and moisture to the soil. This will not in any way contribute to thatch build-up.


Always alternate your mowing pattern, overlapping previous wheel tracks to reduce ruts from ocurring. This will allow the grass to grow evenly and avoid scalping which again can cause disease and moss to enter the turf-grass, which will severely damage your lawn.

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