Organic-Based Fertilizers

Our Platinum Program is based on the highest quality organic-based fertilizers available within our industry. These products have to be legally composed of a minimum of 15% organic matter, RainSaver's proprietary blend contains 20% organic matter and the balance polymer-coated slow-release fertilizer. This means that each application builds up the organic content in your soil, whilst the polymer component ensures a consistant feed of nutrients - resulting in a healthy and enjoyable turf-grass!


Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

Responsible Lawn Care and landscaping practices that are sensitive to the environment and public health can provide a variety of envrionmental benefits to our homes and communities. For example, healthy and environmentallly friendly lawn and landscape practices can:

  • Provide a safe play area for children
  • Reduce erosion, stream sedimentation, flooding and runoff of pollutants into local waterways
  • Filter pollutants
  • Reduce energy use for the heating and cooling of buildings
  • Reduce dust and air pollution from the atmosphere
  • Reduce high temperatures and noise levels in urban areas
  • Create critical shelter and food for wildlife
  • Attract wildlife and beneficial insects
  • Encourages beneficial bacterial activity resulting in healthy, productive soil


Reducing Carbon Footprint with a Healthy Lawn!

At Rainsaver we pay very close attention to the condition of local lawns. We have noticed a number of homeowners are letting their lawns go brown in the summer. Not only does this look unsightly but is also very harmful to the environment!

Research conducted at the Ohio State University estimates that the the average home lawn has a net carbon sequestrian ability of 46 to 127 grams per square metre per year.

A well maintained lawn, cut to the correct length, watered efficiently along with the use of organic based fertilizers will dramatically increase the carbon sequestration levels. This would mean an average lawn of 175 square metres could sequester more than 20 kilograms of carbon per year.

Imagine the difference a healthy neighbourhood will make to our Planet!


As Islanders, we need to take responsibility and keep our lawns healthy and productive!


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